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The Ideal System for Difficult Tasks

Crossing Borders

The MUDBUSTER shafts were developed based on the Neuenhauser shovel separators and are used in particularly demanding tasks that bring the separator to the limits of its performance. The patented Neuenhauser attachment system adds stability while keeping handling simple.


The Strong Blade
More Strength for Greater Challenges

Equipped with the MUDBUSTER system, the blade separators from Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik grow stronger in preparation of gross, hard and tough materials. Particularly demanding challenges in horticulture and landscaping, soil preparation, landfill construction or the natural stone industry thus can be mastered right on site.

  • Straight sidewalls, inside and outside
  • No annoying chain cases
  • Blade width = working width
  • Low stocks, leading to the least possible bearing stress
  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Long screen route
  • Beaters hardened and tempered
More productivity through complete performance spectrum
Wolfgang Brouwer

Wolfgang Brouwer

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Frank Warrink

Frank Warrink

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Fax: +49 5941 604-323

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E-Mail: frank.warrink@neuenhauser.de