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Have mobility on the hook

A dosing bunker becomes mobile

In the development of the mobile dosing bunker with hook lift, the increasing expectations for efficiency, mobility and easy handling of waste processing have been consistently incorporated.The wirelessly operated power pack has a volume of 10 cubic meters and combines the strength and robustness that a dosing bunker needs with the flexibility that is essential for on-site processing.


Ready for action
The mobile dosing bunker

In order to be prepared for the challenges of on-site sorting, the mobile dosing bunker with hook lift has an internally toothed bunker belt, identical to the Neuenhauser screening machines, and a cage roller that prevents the belt from slipping through.

Interesting options for adapting to individual circumstances include an overbelt magnet, a dosing roller in the bunker outlet and an on-board petrol engine for folding the machine in and out.A manually foldable volume enlargement can be used to increase the capacity.The various tasks of the mobile dosing bunker include the processing of excavated soil, garden waste, coal, green cuttings, waste wood and garbage from house and industry.

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