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Neuenhauser presents new starscreen

With its new star screen "SuperScreener 2F Hybrid on tracks", Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik is once again demonstrating its innovative strength and leading position in the development of state-of-the-art technical solutions in the field of environment and recycling. The fast and efficient processing of biomass or waste directly on site is now easier and more mobile than ever.

According to the company’s information, the development of the new working machine focused not only on ease of maintenance, but also in particular on reducing CO2 emissions thanks to a new hybrid drive system. Furthermore, the new 2F Hybrid star screen is even more modular and therefore more service-friendly than the predecessor model.

The redesigned engine compartment does not only include a 110kVA generator set with a Tier 3A John Deere diesel engine, but also the battery and the 190-liter capacity diesel tank. Four container locks secure the enclosure to the main frame of the machine. All sides of the engine compartment are equipped with large maintenance doors to provide the best possible access to the interior.

The entire housing has a weight of 2.2 tons and can be lifted from the machine in a few simple steps and with the help of a forklift or crane. The drive can therefore be placed far away from the machine itself where it is protected from dust and dirt. This does not only protect the air filter from heavy contamination, but also protects the diesel engine from possible overheating.

Customers who have mains power available can also use it to operate the machine. This minimizes possible machine downtime, saves considerable operating and maintenance costs and reduces noise emissions to a minimum. The 125A plug is situated protected under the feed hopper. A strong electric motor of 55KW provides the main drive for the hydraulic pumps. The valves used are still from the PVG 32 series from Sauer Danfoss.

The feed hopper on the new machine has been extended by almost one meter to increase the hopper volume to 9m³. The length of the crawler tracks has also been adjusted. For this reason, no additional hydraulic supports are required for the feed hopper. A solid and firm stand, even when filling with large wheel loaders, is thus ensured at all times.

Gerjan Webbink, Sales Manager of the company Fredheim Maschinen from Norway, who sells the machines of Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik: "Hydraulic drives are still very popular with many operators of high-performance, mobile screening machines. They are robust, temperature-resistant, powerful and easy to repair. The hybrid drive system of the new 2F Hybrid combines the efficiency of electrical engineering with the advantages of hydraulics. In the future, the new hybrid drive will also be available for other drum and star screening machines as well."

SuperScreener 2F Hybrid on tracks.

Redesigned engine compartment of the 2F Hybrid on tracks.

Redesigned engine compartment of the 2F Hybrid on tracks.