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All green!

With this press release we would like to inform you about the product news from our company. We would have liked to present these live at the Munich IFAT in May of this year, but have had to postpone the demonstration until further notice due to the current situation. In due course, we will make up for this and inform you about our product portfolio in the usual manner, with a competent contact person on site.

The TARGO range of mobile single-shaft-shredders is growing. A new TARGO 3000 is now available with the name affix XD. What do the letters XD stand for? eXtra Duty, meaning extra strong. With a total weight of 38 tonnes, the XD weighs a full six tonnes more than the standard machine. This makes the new TARGO 3000 XD a real heavyweight in its class.


Equipped with a three-stage gearbox, which was specially developed for Neuenhauser, the direct drive exerts even more force on the shredder shaft. A corresponding adaptation of the counter comb as well as the drawbar, thicker wear sheets and a new attachment for the shaft tools were taken into account by our design engineers then and there, and optimally integrated into the overall construction.



Cleaning is a cinch

The TARGO 3000 XD offers an easy to use cleaning mode. At the push of a button, the shredding shaft rotates in reverse at approximately six turns per minute. The counter comb is pressed against the shaft at certain intervals and cleans it.


The tracks are integrated in the new chassis undercarriage. The labyrinth seal of the shaft bearing has been reinforced and prevents wires and ropes from entering the bearing area.


In addition to our drum-screen machines, our mobile star screens of the SuperScreener series with hybrid drives are now available as well. The hybrid drive combines reduced operating and maintenance costs with the advantage of easy-to-use hydraulics.


The height-adjustable auger screw feeder is optionally mounted in the hopper outlet of the star screen. This new spring pre-loaded auger screw feeder ensures a more uniform material removal and thus an even better screening result. The spring pre-load prevents the blockage of the auger screw feeder. In case of a blockage it is moved upwards due to its own weight.


The continuous development of the screen stars for the most diverse applications is a matter of course for us. In cooperation with one of our customers, we have further improved the stability of the stars. What better way to test this than using it in a basalt quarry? There is nothing harder!


The automotive dolly "Sputnik Mover" has been further optimised in many small details. Among the options is now an on-board air compressor as well as the wireless remote control.


All mobile machines are available with engines complying with the current emissions standard stage V.


In the field of stationary shredding technology, the new single-shaft shredder ZERBERUS 3000 will be available this autumn. This machine is the big brother of the TARGO 3000. 315 KW electric drive power and a roller diameter of 850 mm make you happy for more and allow for new applications. Be prepared!


In addition, we are working on further improving a fine shredding system for recyclable materials and fuel surrogates.


News from the Neuenhauser Group

In cooperation with our partner company Europress Umwelttechnik GmbH from Lathen in Emsland, we offer components and turnkey solutions in the field of industrial waste processing. Starting with the dosing, shredding and separation, and ending with the channel baler, customers can obtain everything from a single source. 

Result: Together we are even stronger!

The height-adjustable auger screw feeder works by its own weight and is supported by a lever mechanism and a pre-loaded spring.

Automotive dolly "Sputnik Mover".