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A well-established novelty!

Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik (NUT) supplies a new tracked drum-screen machine of the NH 6020 HYR type to KAIWUR OY.

A hybrid drive is a combination of a drive using different technologies. We all know that isn't a new concept. It is in the mobile drum-screen machines of NUT, however.

Recognising the spirit of the time.
WWolfgang Brouwer, business unit manager at Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik, explains: "Neuenhauser has always relied on further development and new innovations. Clients often approach us with new ideas. We try to put them into practice and make them part of the serial machines. Some ideas may sound a bit eccentric at first but turn out perfectly reasonable on second glance".

The first hybrid-powered drum-screen machine on a chain chassis frame recently went into operation in Finland.

The main drive is a power generator. The machine can alternatively be connected to the main power grid with a 125 A cable. The electricity produced powers a 55-kilowatt electro motor that in turn is combined with a hydraulic pump. From there, the oil flows into the individual machine drives.

"At first glance, this may sound a bit redundant. It isn't, however. It even has some clear benefits as compared to a strictly electrical drive," Harri Sorvoja, Neuenhauser sales partner, explains. "The option of operating the machine on the mains is known to reduce operating costs by a great margin. The hydraulic drive makes servicing easier for the customer. He usually doesn't even need any help with it. Immediate troubleshooting is possible as well, similar to the situation with wheel loaders or material handling machines. The process is easy. You don't need a trained electrician for it. Hydraulic drives remain popular in mobile technology. They are 'monkey proofed', highly robust and extremely resilient to faults."

"I have been working with Neuenhauser for more than a decade. I am happy to have such a flexible partner. The employees listen and always try to put customer wishes into practice. This way, I can offer my own customers what is best for their processes. The motto of …together we make the difference! is more than just some words. The team at Neuenhauser practice what they preach," Sorvoja continues.

The hybrid drive is available for the tracked version with a small 5 m³ hopper and for the trailer-pulled machines.

Result: Saving operating costs at high operating safety is easy with the hybrid drives of the drum-screen machines by Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik..

The owner of KAIWUR OY, Janne Nokkala (right) and his employee are visibly happy after the handover and instruction.

The user decides whether the machine is to be operated by mains power, or with the integrated 100 kVA diesel generator.

Keep it simple. Easy handling continues to be at the focus of the Neuenhauser machines. Operation is a breeze with the system that has been rolled out across all the mobile NUT machines by now. Many attachments and frame parts are hot-dip galvanised. The lateral fine-grain discharge belt was installed on the other side at the customer's request. That isn't much of an issue thanks to the transport width of 2,950 mm.

The lateral fine-grain discharge belt was moved on the other side at the customer's request. The drum screen has a wire cover for a larger open screen area and increase of the screen output.