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Taking a step is good. Keeping up is better!

Looking back through human history, we find that technical development proceeds exponentially: It has accelerated from century to century - and is likely to speed up even more in the next decades.

This applies to the area of recycling and resource management and the machine techniques used there as well.


In addition to further technical development, operating safety, productivity, high efficiency and simple handling of the machines are of extraordinary importance for our customers.


It is well known that the market for mobile drum screens is hotly fought over. There will always be some manufacturers who can do it a little more cheaply still.


Our focus in development of the machines is not solely on price, but on our end customers and their employees. We believe that listening well is a key skill for manufacturers. We must listen to understand the needs of machine operators and the demands they have to the machine.


For this reason, we have reconsidered and reworked our NH 6020 drum screen series from the first to the last screw last year.


This has resulted in the best drum screen machine yet in terms of efficiency, operating safety and productivity.


The dimensions permitted for common road transport and the machine's weight were utilised to capacity in the scope of the StVO. No individual or special permits are needed from the licensing offices. The NH 6020 HA can thus be transported with every common semitrailer. Users can move the system on the construction site with a construction site transport device or, alternatively, a transport dolly.


Six hydraulic supports ensure the machine's stability when in use.

The infeed hopper has a filling width of 5 metres and can hold a volume of > 8 m³ with a hopper attachment.


This has a clear advantage: a shorter waiting time of the wheel loader when filling using a large wheel loader bucket. After all, time is money!


The following list shows only a few of the many improvements.


- Continuous, pulled lateral fine-grain outlet belt without bend, avoiding lateral runoff and "leaked material" below the machine.


- Redesigned cleaning brush for better cleaning properties, leading to better productivity and operating safety of the machine.


- Fine-grain collection belt in cassette form for very simple maintenance.


- The hopper's conveyor belt is designed as a "pulled" belt, replacing the former "pushing belt" for improved running properties and operating safety.


- 5 metres wide infeed hopper with a low outlet height for simple non-stop filling with large wheel loader buckets.


- Complete redesign of the machine chassis, for even better stability and operating safety.


- Revised control / operation for even simpler work.


Three different engine types are available for the NH 6020 series: Tier IIIA constant-speed, Tier IIIB (4 Interim) and Tier VI final.


Mobility on request: The new NH 6020 series is available as a semitrailer and with a crawler drive.


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Neuenhauser Drum screen / compost screening



Drum screen / slag preparation



Result: It's not enough for technology to just work well. It must fit in the world as well. (Gero von Randow, German science journalist)


The new cleaning brush keeps the holes of the screen drum clean. In spite of the moist-and-sticky compost, the machine has a very good throughput. The continuous lateral fine-grain output belt ensures removal of the finished compost without any "leaked material" below the machine.

Machine operators love it: The infeed hopper with a width of 5 metres and pulled conveyor belt makes filling easier. The stable chassis is clearly evident.