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One Turns into Two

Time flies. Last November, Wurzer Umwelt, headquartered in Eitting, Bavaria, received its first type TARGO 3000 single-shaft shredder on track chains from Neuenhauser. The machine was used for daily processing of bulky and commercial wastes.

Erich Cordie, area sales manager at Thor Umwelttechnik and sales partner of Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik, was recently able to present the second TARGO 3000 to his customer.

"The first machine from Neuenhauser still showed some small potential for improvement. There wasn't anything huge, but some things were useful for us in daily operation. Erich Cordie listened to my employees attentively and put our requirements to the machine into practice impeccably together with the manufacturer. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to buy another TARGO 3000," says Wolfgang Wurzer, owner of the Wurzer Umwelt group of companies.


The openings of the engine compartment doors have been adjusted, as has the sealing of the long outlet conveyor belt. A new telematics system helps with analysis. Service intervals can be planned specifically. The coat of paint and looks are protected by truck tarpaulins that can be unrolled at the sides of the machine.

The new machine is finally equipped with a Volvo diesel engine with 510 HP and exhaust level Tier 4. The power pack works with an addition of Ad-Blue and needs no SCR exhaust aftertreatment to reach the exhaust emission values required by the law. This means lower maintenance effort for the exhaust system and, as a result, lower operating costs.


Andreas Schmid, manager of operations at Wurzer, is convinced of the throughput and shredding output of the TARGO 3000. "After our good experience with the first machine, it was clear that the next single-shaft shredder would be another TARGO 3000. Not least, Thor and Neuenhauser showed us what outstanding spare parts supply and good aftersales can look like to minimise downtimes. This package was, among others, decisive for the new order. The further product development on the new TARGO 3000 is clearly visible this way," says Schmid.


Result: The close cooperation with our customer permits market- and demand-oriented further development of our machines. This was successfully possible when working with Wurzer Umwelt.

The new TARGO 3000 doing what it does best – high-performance and efficient shredding!

42 screwed-on roll teeth take care of shredding.

The lateral protective tarpaulins are rolled up and placed in the feed hopper for transport by truck.

The newly designed engine compartment doors permit even more comfortable access for daily maintenance and service work.

Protective tarpaulins are placed on the sides of the feed hopper. The diesel and hydraulic oil tanks are placed behind the hot-dip galvanised impact protection.