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AXPO Kompogas AG Invests in a New, Mobile Star-Screen Machine

AXPO Kompogas AG operates a fermentation plant in Bachenbülach (Switzerland), converting organic wastes to electrical energy and high-quality compost. Demand for high-quality compost is increasing continually in Switzerland as well. This is good reason to think about improving treatment.

Andreas Hurter, operating technician and responsible project manager at AXPO, describes the task of improving quality and operational work process as follows:


“Due to strong contamination, the fermented material was already screened twice before installation of the new machine. The second screening used an elaborate procedure. The fermented material was routed across the system on several belts and using drawers. The process of the second screen row also caused very strong contamination of the storage hall and no longer complied with current safety standards. Since the process partially took place outside of the hall for fermented material, odour developed, which had already caused complaints from the neighbours. Damage to the drawer also required us to find a new solution for treatment.


We have looked for a matching solution that enables us to perform the entire screening process in the fermentation material hall, i.e. to simplify our current process and to make it safer. We also need to be able to react to seasonal fluctuations with too-wet fermentation material.


As an additional problem, the pressure water tanks in the system are located in the basement of the fermentation material hall and access to the tank must be preserved for cleaning. The arising sand is dug from the tank by excavator 2 - 3 times per year and the tanks are then cleaned. For this, the concrete elements embedded in the floor must be lifted out and the screening machine must be removed from the hall.


After reviewing several versions, the decision to install a compact mobile 2-fraction star-screen system from Neuenhauser was made. It is able to react to any seasonal fluctuations, can be moved quickly and easily and corresponds fully to the machinery directives and safety requirements of Axpo Kompogas AG."


Decisive challenges that had to be mastered:


"Integration of a mobile system into the Axpo control turned out to be a great challenge. Several interfaces on the customer and supplier sides had to be combined. The technicians at Neuenhauser work in a very solution-and customer-oriented manner, which has made cooperation much easier. Smaller adjustments to the chassis of the machine were necessary as well in order to integrate the machine into the limited space. The oversize grain > 40 mm has to be transported to the provided storage box laterally via a separate conveyor belt without any stand on the floor. Space is very scarce, but this was known from the beginning. We are very happy with the result and the system is working impeccably," says Hurter.


The machine can be operated in three different operating modes and is thereby ready for any task.


1. Fully automated without staff (even on weekends)

2. Automatically with supply from the wheel loader

3. In simple manual operation


"Another advantage is that the machine can be used for other mobile applications or in any other facility if it is no longer needed in Bachenbülach," says Andreas Hurter.


Result: Serial machine meets individual customer wish. Both together lead to an optimised, customer-compatible solution.




There isn't a lot of space. Precision is needed in order to place the new star-screen machine 2F-E on site. The illustration also shows the boxes of oversize grain (left) and fine grain 0 – 40 mm (right). Oversize grain > 40 mm is transported into an ejection box via a conveyor belt placed longitudinally along the wall.

View of the machine from above. A fill level sensor is installed at the transfer from oversize grain > 40 mm from the star screen to the oversize grain removal belt placed along the wall to protect against overfilling.

The engine space offers plenty of room for the 75-kW electrical motor, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic oil tank.

The star screen can be supplied with a wheel loader as well as fully automatically with the conveyor belt installed above it. A laser fill level monitor controls infeed. The machine is pulled from the hall 2 or 3 times per year to clean the pressure water tanks in the basement.